Research and Markets: Video Marketing: a Best Practice Guide

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Video marketing: Best practice guide" report to their offering.

Online video has grown into an easily shareable way for organisations to spread key messages to their target audience. It is also increasingly being used as a marketing channel in lead generation. The rising use of social networking has also boosted this medium of communication, which in turn helps marketers develop more prospects. The use of video enables business-to-business marketers to reach wider audiences to encourage community integration, interaction and to start dialogue between them and their target audience. Marketers can use video as a platform to connect with their audience and to start gathering ideas.

It's important that marketers prepare a programme of activity - carefully considering video strategy; constructing useful content and use of budget. Deciding where to place video on the company website is very important, as is targeting time-poor business buyers and creating a campaign with reach. Video analytics will give a fundamental understanding as to how effective your video is and whether it meets marketing goals and objectives. Comparing video against industry benchmarks also plays a significant role in measuring its success.

This best practice guide will examine all aspects of creating a well-executed video that accurately conveys key messages to the target audience to nurture business buyers and develop their trust.

This guide will help you:

Engage with target audiences through the use of video - why more executives are watching videos on business sites every week.

Deliver relevant and useful content - develop a clear, concise video strategy.

Incorporate video into a website - interactive marketing that will complement key messages.

Nurture and generate leads - supply continuous web content to gain business buyers' trust.

Analyse results - gain an insight into your audience and how they engage with your videos.

This guide covers:

Strategy - advice on how to develop a strategy to create a highly effective integrated marketing plan.

Video location - where to position your video for maximum impact.

Distributing video - drive traffic and engage with a wider audience.

Video content performance - achieve business marketing objectives by comparing against industry benchmarks.

This guide is suitable for marketing directors, heads of marketing, marketing managers, marketing executives, head of video marketing and anyone involved in the process of defining - or re-defining video marketing strategies.

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